General information

Copper Alloys 2018 – An International arena for scientific and technical development – forum for copper alloys industries, universities and research institutions.

The conference is an expansion of the Brass Alloy conference in Stockholm in 2016, Copper Alloys 2018 aims to strengthen the copper and copper alloys community by providing a biennial, international forum for scientific presentations and information exchange.

The copper alloy industry of the 21st century is facing new challenges triggered by new rules and regulations. For example, the phasing out of lead in brass products is accompanied by global research and development work to secure a sustainable and profitable transition to lead-free alloys. Complicating this transition process, the evolving material platforms affect processing methods as well as global material flow and recycling.

Copper Alloys 2018 will give a comprehensive look at challenges and developments of copper industries. Workshops will provide a platform for an active exchange between participants and experts’ knowledge and opinions of copper alloy materials and processing.


Welcome to Milan!